About TotStyle - Natalie

Running this business with the same love and passion as raising my happy kids


Mother of 2 very active boys. Living by the beautiful WA beaches, 20min south of Perth

Passion and Commitment 100%
Attention to Detail 100%
Resourcefulness 100%

When I am not doing what I could to make sure they grow up happily and healthily, or hanging out with my awesome friends (and their kids)

I am probably spending time looking for quality baby and kids clothings over the internet. The kids simply outgrow them way too fast.


Aren't there already tons of similar online shops?

When I was a new mum, I have found it challenging to find quality products for babies and toddlers in great varieties and right price

I will have to be lucky to get them in reasonable price and shipping cost. It is always a struggle to decide whether to pay for the return postage fee or simply to bin the poor quality products.


You must have some trade secrets..

To have best of both world, I could buy the good quality products at reasonable price in bulk

I have personally checked or used those products on my kids to make sure that I am happy with the quality. It would be lovely if you could take a look of what I am excited to share with you via TotStyle so that you don't have spend the time or take the risk. Please be assured that I will not sell the product unless I am happy for my kids to put them on.